Finnishing Touches

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Hello and welcome back to another Forgotten Hope 2 update.

Today we are showing off 3 new handweapons that will help to round out our Finnish faction just a little bit more.

The M/32 grenade was an adaptation of a 47mm mortar bomb into a dual purpose munition. The tail assembly was unscrewed and a time fuse was added. Ours was made by Kraetzer.

The M/43 smoke grenade is closely based on the German NbHgr 39, but built upon the Finnish M/32 stick grenade. It entered into service to fill the need for a more portable method of generating smoke that was also more resistant to the elements. Ours was made by Seth Soldier. Additionally, the proper friction igniters have now been added to the animations of our German and Finnish stick grenades thanks to the work of 2Cool2Fool.

The Finnish medium sapper shovel was intended to be issued out to engineers, but also found use by machinegun and mortar crews for preparing firing positions. These shovels were originally an Imperial Russian design, with domestic manufacture of copies also contributing. In many cases the wooden hand grips were replaced with a more sturdy metal framed handle. The hole in the corner of the blade allowed the shovel to be hung from a backpack while on the march. Our shovel was made by Ashton.