Game Development Experiences

Plain Vanilla

2014 -

Plain Vanilla is the developer of QuizUp, a highly popular trivia game.

  • Technical Artist.
  • Quality Assurance within Gameplay department.
  • Customer Support.
  • Redesigned the support help center with best practices and usability in mind.


2010 – 2013

Godsrule Concept Art
Gogogic was a Game Development Studio in Iceland

  • Lead Quality Assurance, I oversaw QA through 3 released projects working closely with developers, designers and producers on each project. I was responsible for managing test sessions, maintaining test documents and producing regular reports.
  • Worked on Game Design for Godsrule, a browser based MMO game & Tiny Places, a physics-based casual puzzler for mobile devices.
  • Worked on Level Design for Tiny Places.
  • Worked on Technical Art for Tiny Places.
  • Handled Community Management and Web Management
  • Quality Assurance tester

Forgotten Hope 2

2007 -

Forgotten Hope 2.4 Release Image
FH2 is an award winning World War II modification for Battlefield 2.

  • Game Designer, worked on revising gameplay elements
  • Community Manager, supervised news updates and focused on interesting new players. FH2 was awarded the Mod of the Year award the same year.
  • Testing Supervisor, organized and lead test sessions of an international team of testers.
  • Promotional Artist, worked on promotional art for releases as well as ads and banners.

Icelandic Games Industry

2009 -

IGI is an organization dedicated to increase knowledge sharing, raise local awareness and create a venue for added industry support.

  • Board member.
  • Organized a Unity Community Event on behalf of IGI and Reykjavík University.
  • Organized and presented a couple of IGI Game Development Competitions.
  • Organized and presented monthly meetups for over 2 years.
  • Co-founded the organization and participated in shaping it’s purpose and goals.

Personal projects & related work

Creating games isn’t just work. It’s a hobby and a passion.

  • Dirty Clothes, a role playing game for iPad. 2D pixel art and Game Design.
  • TNUG, a top down ‘space’ shooter with RTS elements. Concept art and Game Design.
  • Spitfires, a sidescrolling dogfighting game. Concept, Design, Programming & Art.
  • Blitzkrieg II, a C&C: Generals mod. 3D modeling.
  • SEB Vietnam Pack, a mod for OFP. 3D modeling.
  • Project UK Forces, a mod for OFP. 3D modeling.
  • World War II Engineer Corps, an addon for OFP. 3D Modeling.
  • Admin at the Operation Flashpoint Editing Center.


Aside from games and games development, I love..

  • ..Traveling to new places, experiencing its nature and learn about its culture and history.
  • ..People! It’s so much fun to get to know new characters.
  • ..Flying, didn’t quite get the hang of if it last time, but will return to it one fine day!
  • ..History, I’m mostly intersted in conflicts and technologic consequences.
  • ..Everything! Ok, that’s a lie, I don’t love everything, but a lot of cool things interest me.